Digital Artist/Animator with a versatile array of creative and technical skills.10+ years of combined experience using digital/traditional arts including 3D character and prop modeling, cutting edge 3D animation, photorealistic texturing, rendering and visual FX work and character design. An unparalleled record of coordinating and executing end-to-end management and development of creative projects on time with high quality results.

As freelancing 3D artist, it’s my goal to constantly keep raising the visual quality of my work and improve my standards for process and practices, creative quality, technical innovation and business relationships.
Being a 3D artist requires more than just the technical skills but also the creativity that makes art come to life in a 3D manner. This is something that I take very passionately and that shows throughout my work which can be found in my portfolio of samples.

Specialties:* 10+ years experience with Maya as a professional modeler, animator and render/ texture artist
* Professional experience with Zbrush, Photoshop, XSI, Lightwave, 3ds Max, Boujou, Motion Builder, Syflex, Deep paint, 3D paint, Point Oven, Shake, After Effects
* Professional experience with storyboarding, quick sketch, and character design

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